What sex?  You may well ask.  Chemsex is having sex whilst high on drugs, the most common of which is crystal meth.  It is particularly common in MSM in large cities.  The loss of common sense, as well as your inhibitions whilst high, has meant that there is an increase risk of transmitting STIs including HIV during chemsex, as participants are less likely to play safely.  1 in 3 of men questioned said that they had unprotected sex whilst high on drugs.

The lead author, Dr Adam Bourne of a study by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said that “a vulnerable section of society is using new drugs in new ways that are putting them at serious risk”.  The report says that although only a small proportion of the population will take part in chemsex, these people are often vulnerable and at high risk.  As will their future sexual partners be.

If you are worried that you or your last partner may have HIV then the only way to know is to get tested. The earlier you get tested, the better your treatment will be.  Better2Know can help you to get tested with fast, accurate results.

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