New research in Canada has been looking at the different methods of testing for Chlamydia and gonorrhoea in Men.

The study was looking at urine tests and self-administered swabs using the APITMA Combo 2 assay.

In the study, 511 men from a high risk street youth clinic were tested. One group collected a urine sample and the APTIMA swab, the second group collected a urine sample, the APTIMA swab and a flocked swab. They were asked to say which collection method they preferred and the positive rates were collected for each person.

The positive rate for chlamydia was 7.8%, and for gonorrhoea was 2.7% – where 80% of those who tested positive did not report any symptoms. Both of the swab types (flocked and APTIMA) identified the same positive and negative cases, but the swabs identified 2 more cases of chlamydia and 3 more of gonorrhoea than the urine test. However, 63% of the sample preferred the urine test, and 60% preferred the flocked swab to the APTIMA swab.

The study concluded that APTIMA swabbing could be a reliable alternative to flocked swabbing but was less popular.

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