A chlamydia testing programme run by Public Health England (PHE) has increased testing by 76% in GP surgeries and other NHS clinics, and found 40% more people with chlamydia than were previously being treated according to new research published today in ‘Sexually Transmitted Infections’.

The testing programme was designed by PHE to make it easier for young adults to get tested and to make it more normal to get tested.  The project was trialled in the South West of England in 76 GP practices.  Staff were trained to develop skills and confidence to increase awareness of the risks of an untreated chlamydia infections.  Publicity (posters and patient cards) were also given to the practices.

Dr Cliodna McNulty, head of PHE primary care unit, said: “General practice is a natural venue to engage young adults in chlamydia testing, and our intervention shows that providing the right skills and resources can significantly improve screening rates in this setting. In doing so, we can also create opportunities for young adults to discuss good sexual health in an easily accessible and familiar place.”

Whilst over 60% of young adults in England regularly go to their GP surgery, and most contraception is prescribed by a GP.  However the National Chlamydia Screening Programme found that only 16% of people went to their GP for testing in 2012.  Therefore encouraging people to test with their GP shows that more people will get tested and more positive incidents of chlamydia can be treated.

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