There are lots of ways to test for Chlamydia.  If you are not sure which test you have had then please check with your doctor.

Chlamydia is not tested for with a blood test.  It is a bacterial infection – which means it is living somewhere in your body and can be treated with antibiotics, but is unlikely to show up in a blood test.

Chlamydia can be tested for in urine or with a swab or the site where the infection might be. The urine test is a small urine sample and will identify most Chlamydia infections in men and women’s from vaginal sexual intercourse.

You can have a swab of your mouth and throat (if you have given oral sex), and your rectum if you have received anal sex.

In addition, if you are a woman you can have a swab of your vagina (if you have had vaginal intercourse or received oral sex).  If you have Chlamydia while you have given birth, it is possible to transfer the infection to your baby; your baby’s eyes are particularly vulnerable and you should consult a doctor if you test positive for Chlamydia after giving birth.  During pregnancy, and at all other times, Chlamydia can be treated and cured with a short course of antibiotics.

Most people have no symptoms if they have early Chlamydia so the only way to know is to get tested.  It is important to get tested and treated to help prevent infertility and painful side effects in the future.

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