Its official! If you live in an urban area the chances of catching an STI are higher than if you live in the country. And if you live in a city, or a big city at that, then your chances of infection are greater still.

Scientists and statisticians at Harvard University in Boston have recently concluded a study looking at the relationships between the incidence of Sexually Transmitted Infections, population density, and other factors such as the ethnic mix of the population, average income levels and the standards of education available to the citizens. What they found is that even when you adjust for these social and economic factors, rates of STI infections across the population increase at a rate that is greater than the increase in population size. So double to population size and more than double the number of people infected with an STI.

The study concludes that Sexually Transmitted Infections become disproportionately concentrated as population densities increase and that people living in urban areas should be aware that they are, statistically at least, at a greater risk of contracting an STI than their friends who live in the country.

At Better2Know we recognise that whilst STI’s might be a bigger problem in larger urban areas, they are still prevalent across the whole of the UK, and that each year, over half a million new cases are diagnosed. To address this issue, we have over 130 clinics across the country, ready to screen you, treat you if necessary and set your mind at rest. Getting tested is quick and easy. With Better2Know you can get your STI test results back in while you wait and make sure you care for your sexual health.

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