A new report from Health and Social Care Information (HSCIC) shows that of the 17,000 girls under 15 who went to NHS contraceptive clinics in the year to 31 March 2013, 6,600 of them already used the Contraceptive pill to prevent birth control, while 6,900 used condoms (40%, down from 46% just last year). The use of the Pill has increased in the last few years, and this means that these girls may be putting themselves at risk of a Sexually Transmitted Infection if they have multiple partners.

The total number of people attending clinics has fallen by 8% since last years, which shows that more people are seeking an alternative to NHS contraception clinics for their contraception and Sexual Health advice.

The report also shows that condom use was more popular in the West Midlands and Yorkshire where 1 in 4 women used the condom, but only 1 in 7 in Wales.

Teenage pregnancies are at their lowest levels for 40 years, so young people are seeking out and getting better advice.

If you are only using the contraceptive pill, then you are not protecting yourself from STIs. The only way to know is for you and your partner to be tested before you stop using a condom.

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