If you have had unprotected sexual intercourse, then you are at risk of all STIs including Chlamydia. Chlamydia often has no symptoms. The only way to know if you have Chlamydia is to get tested.
Better2Know offers you a choice of Chlamydia testing:

  • Instant results while you wait in the clinic
  • FAST results in our accredited laboratory
  • Choice of urine test or swabs (throat, vaginal or rectal)
  • Choice of clinic appointment of self–collect at home
  • Choice of additional STI tests

We have Instant Chlamydia results available in many locations across the UK. This includes London, Cardiff, Belfast and Manchester. You will have your results while you wait in the clinic. The test needs a vaginal or urethral swab.

If you choose our Fast Chlamydia Test, you will get your results the same day your sample is received in the laboratory. This is quicker than our standard test which takes two days from when your sample is received in the laboratory. Both Chlamydia tests are very accurate.

Chlamydia can thrive in different places in the body. A urine sample will find an infection in both men and women from vaginal sex. Women may prefer a vaginal swab. A throat sample is suggested if you have performed unprotected oral sex. A rectal sample is suggested if you have received unprotected anal sex. All of these tests can be done as a FAST or standard test.

You can choose any of our private Sexual Health Clinics for your Chlamydia Test. You will be seen by a trained clinician, who will take your samples and send them for fast and accurate testing. You can also order one of our home sample collection kits and collect your sample (urine or swab) yourself at home.

If you think you may have been exposed to Chlamydia, then you may have been exposed to other STIs. We are happy to help you to find the right choice and combination of tests for you. If you do not have Chlamydia, you may have another STI. The only way to know is to get tested.

Please visit our Chlamydia page for more information. To book your appointment, please call our booking team or book online.

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