STI home testing is becoming increasingly popular. Despite a society where our lives are posted all over social media where we thrive on sharing, likes and followers. The sudden shyness or refusal to talk about sexual health and sexually transmitted infections is surprising. Sex is easily accessible now, more than it was in the past. Stigma and discrimination still exist. With the idea that people who have STIs are dirty. Having a sexually transmitted infection should not be the decider on one’s perception of other people’s personal hygiene levels.

As discussed in last week’s blog, getting tested at an STI clinic might be the last thing you want to do when you’re already stressed about potentially contracting an STI. If possible, you’d like to hide from the self-perceived judgemental eyes of others, not have to sit in a waiting room, or coming up with an array of excuses that will get you the treatment you need. All without having to tell your doctor you had unprotected sex or worse, having to pull your pants down to show them the spot or wart you are worried about.

This is where STI home tests are the perfect alternative; saving time and effort, you can collect your own samples in the comfort and privacy of your own home before sending them directly to the laboratory for testing. You will then receive your results without having to even step foot into a sexual health or GUM clinic. Hurrah! However, there are some circumstances where visiting your doctor is recommended and a self-test kit should never replace a medical professional’s advice.


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