Holiday sex is not just the domain of the lads on tours. Girls on summer holidays are looking for summer loving and summer romance. Holiday sex is a little different to home sex, and there are a couple of things you can do to help the memories stay golden.

More people are going on holiday to meet new people and to have more sex. No longer are holidays the place for a summer romance to blossom, but more women are looking to have as much sex as they can on holiday.

Female holiday sex
Exploring different things on holiday

Why do women have sex on holiday?

Changing times, warm sum, being relaxed, hanging out with your friends, and more alcohol than usual all can lead to a loss of inhibitions. Taking a more risks, and meeting people who are doing the same. Women are also escaping from their normal lives and looking for fun, holiday sex and love.

Holiday sex also gives you the chance to experiment, and break from your normal sex routine. This gives you the opportunity to explore different things and find out what you like.

What can I do to keep safe?

To keep safe, make sure that one of your friends knows where you are. This can be as simple as sending a What’s App location pin when you leave the group. This helps your friends stay in touch with you wherever you are on holiday.

Make sure you use condoms with a kite mark. Not all condoms are as rigorously tested as in the UK and EU. Make sure that your condom will keep you safe. They also help to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Lube is your friend. It helps to make sex more fun and slippery, but also helps to prevent tears in your vagina, so that you are less likely to get an STI.

When you get home, have an STI test. Even condoms can prevent all STIs. Syphilis, Herpes and Genital Warts are all passed on with skin to skin contact.

If you have had a great time on holiday, then the way to keep that glow going is to make sure you haven’t bought home any unwanted souvenirs. Having an STI test can get you fast results and peace of mind.

Anthea Morris, Better2Know

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