Gonorrhoea resistance to antibiotics is now becoming more widespread in the UK.  As regular readers will know, we have been blogging about the STI’s resistance for the last few years.  However, the first cases are now in the UK with 24 reported since November 2014.

The resistant strains have been found in the West Midlands, West Yorkshire, North and South-East of England.  Getting tested for Gonorrhoea regularly is really important.  More than 50% of womwn and more than one in ten men do not have symptoms of Gonorrhoea, which can be found in the throat and anus as well as the genital area.  The untreated STI can lead to infertility in women and reduced fertility in men.  It is particularly important for pregnant women not to catch this infection.

Better2Know has been promoting the use of two antibiotics for years: an oral tablet and an infection.  The dual attack stood the best chance of beating Gonorrhoea, and not just wounding it, as if is wounded, it can become resistant to the antibiotic.  However both these antibiotics are now less effective, and there are no new antibiotics in reserve.  Many doctors and not giving the injection.  It can be harder to get hold of, and patients are not aware of the importance.  This practice has led to the current situation.

If you are worried you may have Gonorrhoea, Better2Know can help.  We can get you tested anywhere in the UK with results ranging from 20 minutes to 2 days from when your sample is received in the laboratory.  Please contact our booking team to book your appointment.

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