The strain of drug-resistant Gonorrhoea continues to spread in the UK.  As we have reported before, the STI has been drug resistant for some time for some strains, with the drug-resistant strain first showing in the UK last year.  It is being found in heterosexuals and MSM in London, Leeds, the West Midlands and Southern England.

The strain – HL-AziR Gonorrhoea has already had 17 cases in England in 2016 – more than in the whole of last year.  So while the total patient numbers are not yet large, they are growing.  Once it is in the population, the potential for this drug-resistant STI to be passed on increases rapidly.

Gonorrhoea often has no symptoms, so the only way to know if you have it is to get tested.  An untreated infection can lead to PID and infertility in women and reduced fertility in men.  There have also been links to prostate health in men.

A gonorrhoea infection can be in the genital tract, reproductive tract, rectum if you have received anal sex and mouth in you have given oral sex.  Gonorrhoea just need a simple urine sample or a swab of the site.  We can get you instant results while you wait at our instant sexual health clinic locations.

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