Better2Know has blogged before about the emerging resistance of gonorrhoea to antibiotics. So far, these cases are no in the UK in huge numbers, but as with any infection that is easily passed on to a new person, in our global world, it will come to the UK soon. Researchers are working to find new antibiotics to meet the needs of the incurable bugs including gonorrhoea.

The San Diego Institute of Oceanography are collecting samples from the ocean floor that they hope will help with this global resistance issue.  It is thought that around 700,000 people die in the world every year from antibiotic resistance bacteria.  This could rise to 10 million people by 2050 if there are no new drugs found.  The WHO have an action plan to develop a new class of drugs in just four years in 2019.  Which is an ambitious target for new medications.

The problem arises because bacteria breed and multiply very quickly.  So the resistant genes can spread and become stronger as they multiply.  Not following a full course of antibiotics helps the bacteria become resistance, as those that survive are the strong ones and the ones which will go on to reproduce.

Many people believe that the WHO’s target may not be met.  In the meantime taking more than one antibiotic (Combination therapy) as Better2Know suggest for gonorrhoea is the way forward to combat resistant infections. It makes it harder for the bacteria to develop resistance to each one when they are under attack from two or more drugs.

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