The number of new cases of gonorrhoea rose 25% in 2011 from the year before in England.  There are now cases of gonorrhoea (a bacterial infection) in Japan and Europe which so far have failed to respond to antibiotics which are used to cure the Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

Gonorrhoea can cause infertility in men and women if untreated, “Ware worried that in the next five years, or some point in the future, that his is going to be a very difficult infection to treat” said Dr Gwenda Hughes, Head of Sexually Transmitted Infection Surveillance at the HPA.  So far a new drug has not been developed that can beat the new strain.

If you do have gonorrhoea, it is likely to be a form that is still treatable in the UK, and you can ensure that you do not pass it on to a new partner.

Better2Know can test for gonorrhoea and other STIs as part of a simple urine test, that is available as part of our Platinum, Full, Comfort or Peace of Mind Screens, or simply with Chlamydia.  It is available in any of our nationwide STI clinics.

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