Due to the rapid increase of STD’s in the UK over the past few years, an increasing number of GP Clinics in London are adopting a new texting system to boost awareness of their sexual health programs. It is hoped that the new texting system will urge patients to go and have screening tests for STD’s such as Chlamydia and syphilis.

The new texting system, called iPLATO Patient Care Messaging, can be integrated with the doctor’s surgery computer, then a specific group of patients is chosen and when compiled, a group text is sent to the patient’s phones. The iPLATO system will be used to urge people to get screened for STD’s or to request a Chlamydia self testing kit if they feel they have been exposed to the infection.

Grace Kamel, Administrator at one of the GP clinics which uses the iPLATO system said: “Getting hold of young adults for sexual health checkups is often difficult to do. The system makes it a lot easier.”

She also added that: “We decided to use texts messaging, because texting is very popular amongst young adults. The use of text messaging in this area is a really innovative idea – it’s immediate, convenient and non-intrusive.”

The iPLATO system is also being used in other parts of the country for Public Health Announcements such as child immunisations, obesity and smoking.

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