The STI and AIDS World Congress 2013, held in Vienna from the 14 to the 17 of July, brought warnings of greater sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevalence. Despite witnessing a decline up until the turn of the century, experts have warned that STIs are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics and may therefore become more frequent in the future. “Older” STIs especially, such as Syphilis and Gonorrhoea, have increased resistance to the antibiotics that have been used to treat them.

The World Health Organisation states an estimated 448 million new cases of curable STIs occur each year in the 19 to 49 age group, and so prevention of STIs has been urged by the health experts, and if you are engaging in any sexual activity that may be considered risky, for example with a new or casual partner, you should always wear protection such as condoms. However condoms do not protect against all STIs, (e.g. Genital Herpes), so getting tested with every new sexual partner is recommended.

If you do not know you have an STI then you will not realise you may be transmitting it to others. Better2Know offer a discrete and confidential service at private clinics across the UK, so you can protect yourself and those you love. Visit our website today to book online or call our friendly booking team.

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