Hepatitis B is an acute infection which, once you have had, you have natural immunity to ever having it again.  Most people recover from Hepatitis B after a few weeks or months and medical treatment, although some people do have a stronger reaction and take a long time to recover which can include staying in hospital – this is called chronic Hepatitis B and affects around 5% of those people with Hepatitis B.

Better2Know offers Hepatitis B testing to see whether you are in the acute phase or incubation period for the acute phase, as well as vaccination against Hepatitis B (which is compulsory for anyone working with blood including health care staff).  If you require another Hepatitis B test we can organise that for you as well:

  • Hepatitis B immunity – this test checks to see whether your vaccine has worked or if you have natural immunity from a past Hepatitis B infection.
  • Hepatitis B Antibody testing – to see whether you have had the infection in the past, but are now in or past the acute phase.

Please call our booking team to discuss the test that you need.

Better2Know offers Hepatitis B testing in all of its nationwide STD testing clinics with results available the same day that the sample is received in the laboratory.

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