A new vaccine for Hepatitis C has shown good results from researchers at Oxford University.

The Hepatitis C virus, which can be passed on by sexual intercourse or sharing needles was only identified in 1989, and unlike Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, does not have a vaccine.  Hepatitis C can be controlled with anti-viral drugs once identified.

The Hepatitis C virus may not cause any symptoms or effects on the body for years, but can cause considerable liver damage.  In the US, the number of Hepatitis C related deaths is doubling every year.  In the UK, the number of people with the Hepatitis C virus is estimated at between 400,000 and 500,000 with over half of them not realising they have the virus.  The World Health Organisation think the global figure is 170 million.

The Chief Executive of the Hepatitis C Trust said: “There has been rapid development in drugs to treat hepatitis C, but vaccine development has lagged behind.  Yet, if we only treat existing infections, we will always be behind the curve.”  To see more on this story please click here.

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