A research team at the Huck Institute at Penn State University in the United States of America have started the process of developing a Herpes vaccine.  The library where different types of the virus (the viral genomes) is not as comprehensive as the stores of HIV and the common cold.  This means that the researchers have to start from the beginning.

The team, led by Dr Moriah Szpara, have looked at most (26 of the 30) viral genomes.  The team are aiming to understand why some strains are more contagious, some lead to a greater number and/ or frequency of herpes lesions. It is important to understand these differences so that the vaccine can be effective in the highest number of people possible.  The team are already seeing some commonalities, which are crucial for vaccine development.

There have also been complications in using the samples, some of which were collected many years ago and frozen and grown a number of times.  This growth and development of the virus is helping the team to predict behaviour.

The team are now looking at the frequency of different viral strains in our populations today.  Looking at the viruses that are passed on or are contagious and how quickly these change.

The vaccine is still many years away.  The only way to know whether any symptoms you have relate to the Herpes Virus is to get tested.  Better2Know can help you be tested by blood, urine or swab.  We can help you to get the right test for you.

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