New World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines published this month recommend that couples get tested for HIV together, and where one partner tests positive, they recommend starting treatment immediately (Anti Retro-Viral drugs [ARVs]) immediately to suppress the body’s response to the virus to help to prevent transmission to the other partner.  This is known as PrEP (Pre-Exposire Prophylaxis)

Of course the only safe sex is no sex, but for couples where one is HIV+, using a condom, and reducing the likelihood of transmission is the next best step, and should be used alongside regular HIV testing to help manage the risk of transmission.

It is thought that of the world’s population who are HIV+, half of them have partners who are not HIV+, but there remains a large number who do not know their HIV status (25% in the UK and 40% across the globe).

By keeping the CD4 count (a measure of the HIV+ partners immune status) above 350 (cells per micro Litre) this really helps reduce the chances of passing on the virus to their partner.

Better2Know has HIV testing across all its STD clinics with results in a couple of days.  We have tests which can test you for just 10 days post potential exposure, as well as from 28 days post exposure and HIV tests with instant results.

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