The UK’s Adult Industry Trade Association (AITA) said last Thursday that the U.K. performer who received an initial positive test result for HIV has been cleared in a follow-up test.

The UK trade group said a second test had negative HIV results and that the “performer is therefore confirmed clear of HIV and other sexual diseases”. Better2Know recommends that all positive HIV tests are followed up with a second confirmatory HIV test.

AITA, which on Wednesday called for the immediate suspension of all production in the UK, has now given the go-ahead for filming and other media productions to continue.

“We would like to thank the U.K. adult industry for such a rapid response following AITA’s request for all UK production work to be suspended until the results for the second test were received,” the group said. “AITA have now set up a sexual health sub-committee in order to examine whether industry testing and sexual health procedures are adequate to deal with future, genuine HIV outbreaks”.

“We urge all industry members who are not already AITA members to join and help make the association a stronger, better-funded body that can best represent the needs of the industry” said a spokesperson.

Better2Know has a 10 day post potential exposure HIV test and a 28 day post exposure HIV test. These tests are the most accurate available and are CE marked and done in a CPA accredited laboratory which is an important consideration when choosing your HIV test.

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