Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is one of the dreaded STDs because it causes severe autoimmune deficiency and major complications. People with HIV usually keep the disease for themselves and are afraid of getting medical check-ups because of fear of embarrassment and social stigma.

HIV infection is the milder form of the STD and usually do not cause any symptoms, however, when the virus already has affected the immune system, it results in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS, which gives rise to complicated conditions, more common is super infections or opportunistic infections.

HIV is commonly transmitted through sexual contacts. However, it can also be transmitted through blood transfusions of infected blood, sharing of needles and through placental transmission during intrauterine life. The common reason why HIV has increased by millions over the past years is because of unprotected sexual intercourse with people not knowing that they have AIDS.

HIV when it leads to AIDS also has a high mortality rate of 90% within 4 years of diagnosis. AIDS is common among homosexuals who repeatedly engage in anal sex. Since HIV is a very serious form of sexually transmitted disease, it is important to detect the condition before it progresses to AIDS. HIV tests are available to diagnose the disease depending on the duration of exposure.

What are HIV Tests?

HIV clinics all over the world use the HIV antibody detection of IgG and IgM. The HIV antigen, which is the HIV p24 antigen, is also used to determine the presence of the HIV infection.  HIV testing also involves the CD4 determination. CD4 is a kind of T cells that usually decreases in level with HIV infection. CD4 T cells are responsible for fighting infections in the body and a reduction of which leads to immune deficiency syndrome.

Where to get HIV Tests?

HIV can be tested in various HIV clinics all over the world. In fact, there is already an online registration for HIV testing.  It should be known by patients that testing for HIV is very essential to prevent the spread of disease, which kills adults and children worldwide.

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