The summer months, sunshine and seaside have been tempting Brits overseas for years, but if you are recently back or about to go, you will not be the only person visiting our website who has had a holiday romance or passionate encounter.

  •  1 in 4 has had a holiday romance (the exact definition of “romance” is not stated!)
  • Over 1 in 10 go on to marry the person they met on holiday
  • 19% of men and 14% of women want more sex whilst on holiday

All of this is probably linked to the 64% of us who are happier on holiday than at the office.

This survey, by the Daily Mail shows that more people are having holiday romances before.  Possibly linked to being happier and relaxed and being the person we really want to be.  With or without romance, many people make new friends on holiday, which helps build their self-esteem at home.

If you are planning a holiday romance or worried about one you had, Better2Know can help you to get tested with fast results.  We also have clinics in Ibiza and Majorca if you would prefer to get tested in Spain.

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