Summer is in progress, and if you are going on holiday our previous blog, ‘Summer romance and safer sex’ offers advice on how to keep yourself protected from STIs. Recent statistics published in the Telegraph illustrate how contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) whilst on holiday is a very real danger.

Whilst 60% of women always carry condoms with them on holiday (keep up the good work!), the remaining 40% – who either only occasionally carry them or do not carry them at all – are putting themselves at great risk.

The 2,000 women surveyed said that while holidaying they were more sexually active than at home, and over 80% claim to have had sex with a “fellow holidaymaker”. Over 35% slept with a local, 20% with a member of the hotel staff, another 18% with a tour rep and 2% had sex with a member of the airline crew.

Whilst it’s great that women are enjoying exciting sex on their well-earned holidays, the 40% who do not always carry condoms are causing themselves unnecessary anxiety; over half admit to worrying about whether they have contracted an STI after having unprotected sex, and condoms do not protect against every STI. Using protection can help with a carefree, fun filled summer can be yours, and getting tested for STIs after the holidays means that the only memories you’ll have of the summer will be good ones. A tan will fade away; an STI won’t.

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