New evidence shows that in addition to being a leading cause of Cervical Cancer in women, HPV (Human Papilloma virus) is also a leading cause or oral cancer and likely to lead to a major bone density loss.

In the UK, 6,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer, with a fatality rate of 1 in 3, and oral cancers associated with HPV are increasing significantly.

Oral cancers, which are associated with HPV-positive tumors, are significantly rising. It is being feared that if the same trend continues, then soon the number of cases of oral cancers caused due to smoking or drinking alcohol will be less than those caused by the HPV virus.

It has been highlighted that the disease has more significance related to it, than most of them believe. It has been emphasised that majority of people might not lose their teeth due to tooth decay, but due to periodontal disease.

Findings of a study were published in periodontal disease, which included 124 patients suffering from oral cancer, out of which 50 were infected by the virus.

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