Human Papilloma Virus or HPV is a viral infection of the genitals that causes warts. The warts may also form on the oral cavity and the lips when the genital warts come in contact with the mouth through oral sex. HPV warts are sometimes microscopic, which makes it impossible for the person to detect the presence of which.

Human Papilloma Virus is also one of the causes of cervical cancer. The virus enters the vagina and infects the adjacent cervix. When this happens, it causes cellular changes in the cervix leading to malignancies. HPV also causes vulvar and penile cancer. The possibility for having cervical cancer from HPV have given way for the development of HPV vaccine to prevent genital warts and eventually preventing cervical cancer in women.

HPV infection is called as condyloma acuminata and often is transmitted through sexual intercourse and other forms of sex such as oral and anal sex. The most common manifestation of HPV is the appearance of cauliflower-like lesions. HPV symptoms usually occur on the reproductive tract such as in the vulva, cervix, perineum, vagina, glans penis, anorectal area and urethral meatus. HPV in men usually is located on the glans, but the shaft may also contain warts. The warts are initially rosy pink in color and may turn into gray. The warts also lead to itchiness on the area and increase in moisture, which may lead to an infected wart. When the warts become infected, it produces drainage that can be foul smelling. During sexual intercourse, the warts may also be irritated and injured leading to post-coital bleeding.

How to Test for HPV?

Since HPV warts are sometimes microscopic, HPV testing should be done to detect it. HPV tests involved in women require Pap smear. This involves the collection of tissue samples in the cervix and vaginal mucosa by the use of cotton tips or wooden spatulas. The samples are then examined under the microscope to detect any presence of warts and cellular changes that may accompany cervical cancer. For visible warts, a swab may also be done to check HPV.

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