I am sorry you have never had sex then.

We get calls from people, and when we ask them which tests they want to book for, they say “oh I don’t think I need HIV”.  Well to be honest, if you are phoning to book an STD test there is a very high chance you have had sex, and probably without a condom, and so there is a possibility you could have HIV and that if you do not know you could pass the virus on and infect other people.  Almost half of new infections in the UK come from people who do not know that they have the HIV virus.

So please don’t assume that your last partner wasn’t one one them.  HIV is growing fastest in the heterosexual population as many people think it is a disease that doesn’t apply to them.

The good news is that testing is easy, and Better2Know can get you your results instantly or a laboratory based test with results the next day at any of our clinics across the UK.

More good news: with medical advancements, if you are diagnosed early and start to get medication the disease can be kept under control, and you can really minimise your risk of passing the virus on and maximise your chances of a long and normal length life.

So next time you hear about HIV, don’t assume that it is someone else’s problem, it could be yours. Be sure and get tested.

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