Strange as it may seem, you can get an STI that’s a sexually transmitted infection without actually having sex – in the intercourse sense of the word.  This is because some STIs can be passed on by skin to skin (or body fluid to body fluid) contact, and bacteria and viruses just love the warmer and moist environment that being intimate can often create.

Active lesions or people with symptoms are more likely to pass on STIs when being intimate immaculately.

HPV is the most common virus that is passed on in this way.  There are many types of HPV, many of which are harmless, but some – called High-Risk HPVs can cause cancer, most commonly cervical cancer in women but also anal, penile, ovarian, throat and neck cancers.

Syphilis from an open sore and Herpes from active blisters can also be passed on by touch.  Many people have Herpes type I which is oral herpes and the most common cause of cold sores, these are usually passed on by kissing, so it is easy to see how kissing not on the mouth can pass the virus on…

Better2Know can test for all these STIs and others which need a bit less immaculateness.  We have more information on all these STIs which STD Test is right for you.

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