The Tamil Na du State AIDS Control Society (Tansacs) has started implementing a new drug regime for Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS in Coimbatore in India, reports the Hindu. The drug regime intends to stop transmission of HIV from anti-natal women to the foetus, and runs from the second trimester of labour to the Exclusive Brest Feeding period (normally the first six months after the birth).

This regime, which utilises three antiretroviral drugs (AVR), has been implemented for HIV positive pregnant women with a cell differentiation (CD4) count of over 350 – below this number and the woman receives regular treatment given to those with HIV. CD4 cells are white blood cells responsible for sending signals to other types of immune cells, and are normally in the range of 800 to 1,200 cells. HIV infections deplete these cells and thus leave the body more vulnerable to other infections.

This new treatment, which also involves the newborn babies being given an ARV syrup on a daily basis till six weeks, has already been administered on ten patients. And the District Project Manager, Dr. Mohamed Ali, is hoping for great things.

“The ultimate aim to make the newborn a ‘VIP’ child (vaccinated, immunised and protected),” he said.

There are many STIs and STDs including HIV which can be passed from Mother to child during pregnancy and birth, however if your doctor and mid-wife know, they can help you avoid transmission. For this reason a full STD check including HIV is advised for both parents before you conceive, which Better2Know can provide.

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