Well, maybe…. is the not definitive answer you are looking for.  We are not going to tell you not to worry about, even if you have never had one before, do you think your partner has?  Really?  Are you going to risk your long term sexual health and fertility?  Whether you are in a long standing relationship or not, having a one night stand is always going to be a risk.  Especially if you had unprotected sex, but remember condoms are not 100% effective and do not protect against everything (although they do give good protection against HIV).

If you have had a one night stand, the best thing to do is get tested, and not to have sex with anyone else before you get the results, as you could pass any STI that you have acquired on.  How bad would you feel then?

Better2Know can help, with testing from just ten days after any event that you are concerned about, with results fast enough to get you back in the saddle in the fastest time possible.

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