The film “Hope Springs” breaks one of Hollywood’s taboos about older people having sex.  In the main, sex scenes involve bright young thing’s body doubles.  Age UK has even looked into this, the Charity’s Director General, Michelle Mitchell says: “Our research has shown that while advertisers and the media promote sexualised representations of younger people, sex and older age is widely viewed as a taboo subject…We found that many people are often reluctant to even acknowledge that sexuality in older age exists.”

However, at Better2Know we know that there are a lot of older people having sex.  Regularly.   The rise in divorce rates and increase in life expectancy but also activity means that older people now suddenly find themselves single and ready to catch up on their youth.  As pregnancy is less likely to happen, safe sex becomes less of a consideration, and between 2000 and 2009, it was the 45-64 year-olds where the UK saw the biggest rise in syphilis, herpes, Chlamydia and genital warts of any age group. They also saw the second-biggest rise in gonorrhoea cases, beaten only by the over 65s.

Better2Know does not need to know your real name, so if you want to be Meryl Streep for the day, now is your chance.  We don’t need to know your age either, but we can test you for any STDs and STIs of your choosing, and get your results to you within five days (faster for single tests).

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