Every week, a new trend sweeps the internet and causes a stir. One trend that has been gaining popularity is “vabbing”, a new dating technique that has lots of proponents.

So, what is vabbing, and how can it relate to STIs? In this blog, we’ll review what vabbing is, why it’s popular, if it’s dangerous, and what you can do about it.

If you want to protect your sexual health, keep reading!

What is vabbing?

“Vabbing”, a combination of the words “vagina” and “dabbing”, is the practice of dabbing vaginal secretions onto one’s skin in order to attract a mate. This is done because it is thought that vaginal secretions contain pheromones that arouse the interest of potential sexual partners. This can be done in lieu of, or in combination with, perfume.

Why is vabbing popular?

Many users on the social media app TikTok testify that vabbing works, with many citing the technique as the reason why they were able to attract romantic attention.

However, while many people may cite the technique as a reason for their romantic success, there may be a darker side to the trend.

Is vabbing dangerous?

Vabbing can potentially be dangerous.

The vagina has a delicate balance of flora that maintains the necessary acidity levels and that allow the vagina to self-clean and stay healthy. If this balance is upset, say, by the introduction of certain foreign bacteria, then the risk of developing conditions like Thrush and Gardnerella grows.

Can vabbing spread STIs?

It is possible to spread some STIs through simple skin-to-skin contact. Usually, this contact takes place between the genitals. However, it is possible for one person to touch their genitals and then touch someone else, thereby spreading the infection.

Dabbing vaginal fluids on different parts of your body could be dangerous if you are infected with an STI.

STIs that can be spread through skin contact include:

Final thoughts

There do not appear to be any benefits to vabbing. In fact, there may be some serious health risks.

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