Times have changed.  We see it around us every day with mobile phones with Facebook and twitter.  So it should be no surprise that there have been medical advancements in testing and treatment of HIV.

The prognosis of Mark in Eastenders would be better now, if only he hadn’t had that motor bike crash.

HIV testing can now be done just 10 days after “the incident you are concerned about” be that unprotected sexual intercourse, sharing needles, or a needlestick injury and whatever else is worrying you.  By Day 28, the accuracy of Better2Know’s HIV test is around 99.8%.

HIV Treatment is now so advanced that HIV needs no longer to be considered fatal, but a manageable condition with drugs and other therapies.  The key is finding your HIV status early so that you can start the appropriate treatment quickly.

Better2Know can test for HIV at any of its nationwide clinics.

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