For years the talk of male contraception has centered around women saying “I’d never trust him to take it”. The male “pill” is now a step closer.  An injection which stops sperm from being able to swim as far has been developed.

Many women use the reason that they do not want to get pregnant, to get a new partner to wear a condom.  The advent of the male pill may see more women being pressured to having unprotected sexual intercourse.  This could lead to an increase in STIs and STDs.

This research is from Monash University in Australia.  Scientists have found a way to stop the sperm from swimming, by reducing the length of its tail.  Initial experiments have proven to be very successful.

Professor O’Bryan told the Sydney Morning Herald: “The challenge with developing the male pill isn’t rendering the sperm infertile, but turning them back on again.”  This treatment can be programmed to just work in the testes.

55% of men said that they would take a male contraceptive pill. A British study published in 2010, found that women did not trust men to take a contraceptive pill every day.

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