A report published by drfox.co.uk shows that seven out of ten women regularly risk their health by having unprotected sex, with the average woman having unprotected sex eleven times with four different partners.  The reasons being given were they forgot in the heat of the moment (33%) and they trusted their partner not to have an infection (20%).  Surprisingly 18% said they were too drunk with 8% saying they didn’t like condoms.

Many STIs and STDs do not have symptoms, and having multiple partners increases your risk of catching and passing on an infection.  The only way to know whether you have an infection is not to trust your partner, but to get tested.

The survey also found that women in their 40s were twice as likely to have an unplanned pregnancy as the 18 to 29 year olds, as it is thought the younger generation are used to talking about STIs with their friends, although Better2Know believes that this is also because unprotected sex is less unacceptable when you are younger and not in a long term relationship.

One in ten women said they were  likely to have unprotected sex on holiday. Dr Tony Steele, co-founder of online doctor and pharmacy DrFox.co.uk said, “Unsafe sex on holiday is a major concern, particularly where women plan ahead to have sex with new partners without using condoms.

“Women meet men on holiday who are complete strangers. They may know almost nothing about the men they meet, and having sex without contraception is a sure-fire way to increase the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted infection.”

Better2Know offers a range of HIV, STI and STD testing varying from individual tests to comprehensive screens.  You can choose to be tested at any of our nationwide clinics and you do not need to give your real name.

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