A recent recruit to our Bookings Team has noticed how many couples are booking screens and tests when they decide to take their new relationship to a committed, monogamous level and choose to dispense with using condoms. Thanks to education and the media people now seem more aware than ever that when you sleep with a new partner you are also, in some way, sleeping with their previous partners (and their previous partners).  The responsible thing to do is to get yourselves checked out before you have unprotected sex. Some people may find the initial conversation difficult, possibly finding sexual health an awkward subject to broach, and they may worry that raising the topic is in some way a slur on their partner’s previous sexual history. Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact several common Sexually Transmitted Infections are what is known as asymptomatic which means you may have an STI but have never noticed any symptoms and therefore you could unknowingly infect a new partner.

It is estimated that three quarters of women and half of men will not show any symptoms of Chlamydia, for example.  It is possible to live with Chlamydia for years, unaware that you are even infected. In 2014, more than 200,000 people tested positive for Chlamydia in England alone, and it is the most commonly diagnosed STI.  Almost 7 in every 10 people diagnosed with the condition were under 25 years old however with the increase in divorce rates and a rise in Internet dating the older generation are also at risk as they may be less aware of STIs and how common infections like Chlamydia have become. Chlamydia is normally treated with a short course of antibiotics, however it can be more serious if not treated early, potentially leading to long-term health and fertility problems.

If you and your partner are discussing dispensing with barrier protection such as condoms, as part of a committed relationship or perhaps you are planning to start a family, it makes sense as part of a loving, caring relationship to get a comprehensive sexual health check and give yourselves peace of mind.

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