A recent report by the Health Protection Agency has shown that the number of STD cases in the UK is still rising. It showed that the rate of Chlamydia rose from 121,791 (2007) to over 123,000 last year; this is 10,000 more than in 2006.

This latest news came despite a nationwide campaign to prevent the spread of the sexually transmitted disease. The report also shows that the number of diagnosed cases of genital herpes and genital warts continue to increase. Genital wart cases rose by nearly 3% (92,525), with the rate of genital herpes infections up by 10% to 2,524.

There was some good news in the report, as syphilis cases showed a 4% fall and the number of new gonorrhoea cases dropped by 11%.

Young people aged between 16 and 24 are still considered to be a high risk of catching an STD, with Dr Gwenda Hughes stating: “Our data clearly show that considerable numbers of people, especially those under 25, are getting infected with an STI.”

Adding that, “Early detection is vital for both men and women. Without treatment Chlamydia and gonorrhoea can lead to complications and permanent damage such as infertility.”

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