Five reasons to make getting an STD screen your New Year Resolution:

  1. You have had unprotected sex at a Christmas party
  2. You want to get pregnant in 2012, and want to make TOTALLY sure you will not pass anything on to your baby
  3. Because you are sexually active and it has been over a year since your last screen
  4. You want to stop using condoms with your new partner (don’t we all) but want to be responsible and get checked first
  5. You care about yourself and your health and it’s the responsible thing to do!

Don’t worry, at Better2Know we understand why you are worried. Our network of private clinics sees hundreds of people every day. Most of them are there for something else, so no one will know you are there for an STD check. Our doctors do this every day and are just there to answer your questions; they won’t lecture you or patronise you. You do not have to give your real name at any point when you book (even for payment), we don’t need to know where you live, and we won’t tell your GP.

Our results are amongst the fastest and most accurate in the UK to get you Peace of Mind as quickly as possible!

We have over 60 clinics nationwide, our booking line is open now, and you can choose only the tests you think you need or a full STD screen.

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