A survey by Time Magazine found that the ten most commonly broken New Years Resolutions are: 

  1. Lose weight and get fit
  2. Stop Smoking
  3. Learn Something New
  4. Be Healthier
  5. Get our of Debt and Save Money
  6. Spent More Time with Family
  7. Travel to New Places
  8. Be Less Stressed
  9. Do something voluntarily for the community
  10. Drink Less alcohol

Having and STI or HIV could help with becoming healthier and being less stressed.  You can have an STI without having symptoms, but it can cause long term damage to your body.  The stress on wondering whether you have an STI can be hard to bear for some people.  Better2Know are here to help you every step of the way.  Your booking team are available 24/7 (as those who called on Christmas Day were pleased to find out), and we can always get you in touch with an expert.

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