A survey conducted by Lovehoney has concluded that August is the month British people are most sexually active.

It is thought that the hot weather is behind the increase, with people wearing less clothes and sunshine making people feel happier and sexier. This is backed up by the summer months of July and June ranking second and third whilst the winter months see a nosedive in sexual activity. February, despite Valentine’s Day, is the month of least sex. Only December, the month of mistletoe and festive frivolities, bucks the trend in winter.

Feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine increase in the summer, along with testosterone, making us all feel a bit friskier. Indeed, men have a third more testosterone in July compared to January.

Professor Cary Cooper, a psychologist at Lancaster University, said, “The effect is partly the opposite of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Summer probably has a greater effect on women because they can wear such a variety of clothes.

“They can use this to make them feel sexier and better about themselves. Women are better at interacting with others than men and they feel better when they do.”

With all these hormones flying about, it may be easy to forget to use protection while in the ‘heat of the moment’. Make sure you are prepared and carry a condom with you wherever you go. Once the summer of love is over, you should also consider having a full screen for STIs, so the only memento you have of your summer romances are good memories, and not STIs.

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