A question our friendly booking team often get asked is: what is the most popular STI test? We wondered why people are asking this question. It seems a strange one to ask, as we think a better question would be: what do most people test positive for?

Just because a lot of people are choosing a test, it does not mean it is the right one for you.  How does the knowledge that other people are choosing the same or different tests from you help?  When it comes to sexual health, everyone’s sex life is different.  We have a lot of advice about which is the best test for you depending on your circumstances.  We do not ask you to go through every detail with us.  We think you can decide based on what you have (or have not!) been up to.

The most common infections across the UK include Chlamydia, Herpes Type I, Ureaplasma, Gardnerella and HPV.  However, cases of Syphilis, Gonorrhoea and HIV are increasing in the UK.  As infection rates increase, there is a higher risk that your last partner had an STI.  Every month we help thousands of people with information about STIs, and what to do if they test positive.  We help people who test positive for every infection that we test for.  When you choose Better2Know for your STI test, you will find the information that you need to make the right decision for you, get your test results really quickly (the time depends on which tests you choose).

So do not worry what other people are doing, choose the right test for you, and take control of your health.

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