A recent YouGov survey released by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society found that over half (51%) of British adults are diagnosing themselves when they feel unwell or are experiencing symptoms of illness. The internet is where most people (about 78%) go to find information about their condition whilst around 10% will use a health app on their phone, tablet or desk-top. Of even greater concern is the finding that over 40% of people have taken medication prescribed for someone else in an effort to treat their symptoms.

Clearly, it is never advised to take any medication that was prescribed for someone else as medicines can have unexpected and dangerous side effects and can also contribute to infections that are increasingly resistant to antibiotics.

Better2Know understands the needs and desires of individuals to take control of their health and we provide expensive information on our website about all the SIT’s we test for. Whilst we describe these infections in detail and also describe the symptoms that can present, we always recommend that if you are worried about your sexual health that you get tested. Firstly, symptoms alone are rarely enough to make an informed diagnosis and secondly, STI’s frequently do not present any symptoms at all. Finally, getting tested is the only way to determine exactly what infection you have, and as different infections require different treatments, this is the only way to be certain you are prescribed and take to correct medicines.

Taking responsibility for your own health is important and is the right thing to do. However, it is equally important to fully understand the importance of correctly diagnosing your condition, and certainly in the case of STI’s this means getting tested. Tests are quick, easy and accurate. They will bring vitally important information on which to base treatment decisions and also bring you peace of mind, knowing you have done all the right things to preserve and maintain your health. Visit our website and book your STI tests now.

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