Semen is a great indicator that a man has enjoyed sex. Here are some other things about Semen.

  • The average ejaculation contains 2 to 5 ml of liquid, containing 200-500 million sperm and contains between 5 and 25 calories
  • The average sperm is ejaculated at 28 miles per hour and travels 7 to 10 inches although 18 feet has been measured (but how this was measured we are not exactly sure!)
  • Drinking more fluids and exercising your pelvic floor muscles can increase the volume of semen
  • In 1915, semen was used as invisible ink to write messages during the War
  • If a man wants his sperm to taste sweeter he should eat more acidic fruits, beer broccoli and dairy make semen taste bad

There are other stories that semen can help lift a woman’s mood and improve the condition of her hair and skin, however Better2Know has yet to see any medical proof of this, but can see how all of these suggestions have been put forward….

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