More people are having affairs, romances, relationships and sex with their work colleagues than ever before.  Increasingly, this aspect of work is not as frowned upon as once it was, and many organisations have relaxed their Workplace Relationship Policies, and in some places, they are seen as good for business and can improve performance, and can cement relationships between different teams.

In a recent survey by the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD), 55% of those surveyed said they had had a relationship with a work colleague, and one-fifth of these relationships involved cheating on an existing partner.  10% of people are currently in a relationship at work (1.5% are having an affair).  A second survey by Business Insider found that 90% of people surveyed admitted being attracted to someone at work, and 54% had had sex with a colleague (and over half of them in the office).

Most of the relationships (65%) are with peers, and 40% of all couples with children started at the workplace.

These statistics are probably not surprising with the changing attitudes we have seen towards sex and marriage in society and people getting married later in life.  Those aged under 30 are most likely to have had a relationship (84%) falling quickly as people get older.

As with all sex, please be careful, the best thing that you can do to respect your partner is to have an STI test, as the best sex is STI free.

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