24% of deaths of  HIV positive adults in the UK were due to late diagnosis of their HIV Status. These figures are according to National Audit Data.  One third of newly HIV positive people do not know their status within a year.  This makes them more likely to infect new partners.  HIV is no longer considered to be a life threatening condition, as long as it is detected early, and treatment started.  Knowledge really is power when it comes to managing HIV.

There is evidence to suggest that knowing you are HIV+ also reduces high risk behaviour.   Such as having sex without a condom. This helps to prevent the spread on the HIV virus.

The UK National Guidelines for HIV Testing (released by the British HIV Association – BHIVA) recommend expanding HIV testing, and cervical cancer screening for all sexually active adults.

If you have sex without a condom with more than one partner you should consider an HIV, STI and STD check every three to six months.  This depends on the number of partners you, and they have had.

Patients still feel uncomfortable about going for a test with their GP.  They feel they know their GP personally.  They also do not want to attend a Sexual Health clinic for fear of being recognised or being embarrassed. Better2Know can help: your Better2Know appointment is at a private medical practice, where you do not have to give your real name.  The clinics does not have any signs to indicate that sexual health testing takes place there. So, if you are seen, you can say you are there for any reason you like.

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