Whilst unable to replace the bedroom as the firm favourite, a recent survey has revealed that the shower is the second most popular destination for sex.

40% of British people have claimed to have had sex in the bathroom, and of these people the majority said the shower was their preferred bathroom location. The popularity of the shower was followed by sex in the bath, over the toilet (hopefully separate to other toilet related activities!), over the sink and on the bathroom floor. Outside the bathroom and bedroom, people like having sex on locations such as the sofa and kitchen table.

So what is the appeal of the shower? Some cited the excitement of the change in location, whilst others enjoyed the warm water and cleanliness of the shower.


Peter Gregg, Director of UKBathrooms.com and conductor of the research, said, “The bathroom is generally regarded as a place for individuals to go about their private business. But, according to our poll, bathroom activity can sometimes get a little more sociable!

“Couples clearly enjoy changing the scenery every now and again, opting to get out of the bedroom whenever possible.”

If you are looking for new thrills in your sex life a change in location can add an element of excitement and passion. However if you are resorting to more risky behaviour to get your kicks, such as casual sex with multiple partners, you may be putting yourself at risk of STIs. Even if you do use a condom, STIs such as Herpes can be contracted through skin-to-skin contact alone so you should consider regular testing for STIs. Better2Know can get you an appointment as early as the same day you book with us, at locations across the UK. So get in touch now and give yourself peace of mind.

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