A recent report has suggested that the rise in sexual transmitted infections amongst young adults could be connected to social media.

Health experts believe that social networking sites and smartphone apps, such as Facebook and Grindr are a main factor for the new increase in STI rates, throughout the country.

Grindr, a smartphone app that enables individuals to find gay, bisexual and curious men on the go, is the latest to cause controversy. The app is considered to be the most popular, location based, social networking app around, but health experts fear it makes it easier to move onto sexual partners, without knowing their sexual history.

Grindr gives its users the opportunity to be as anonymous as they want, making it difficult to know or find those who have a sexually transmitted infection.

However many app users believe Grindr is harmless and has a false stigma attached to it. Ryan, a gay man from Sheffield said: “I used Grindr because it’s difficult to meet gay men in a city with very few gay bars, and with few gay friends in my social circle. I don’t use it for one night stands, and if I was talking to someone I liked, I would add them on Facebook to see more photos, who they are; and to arrange a date. It doesn’t have to be seen as dirty just because some people use it that way.”

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This guest post was written by Jessica Delaney, a communication student at Sheffield Hallam University.

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