Although sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are more common amongst 16 to 24 year olds, there has been a rise in diagnoses amongst the older generation. Many couples over 50 are still sexually active and due to divorce or bereavement those over 50 may also find themselves single and dating again.

Studies have suggested several reasons for the increase in STIs with this generation. Poor sex education and a lack of sexual knowledge are thought to be contributing factors. The older generation were brought up in an era where sex wasn’t talked about and there was much stigma attached to STIs. Some may wrongly believe that condoms are only to protect against pregnancy, and due to women passing through menopause and the fact that they are no longer at risk of pregnancy, they also may choose not to use them.  The older generation also may have missed out on public awareness campaigns about STIs, notably the Aids/HIV campaigns in the 1980s; They may have believed that these campaigns were not aimed at them as they were married, or that sexual health issues didn’t apply to them.

Due to the soaring STI rates among the over 50s, campaigns are now being launched to persuade this generation to practice safe sex and look after their sexual health. The aim is to make the older generation aware of good sexual health practices and the importance of sexual health screening. At Better2Know we offer a fast, dedicated, private and discreet service for adults of all ages and can test, treat and help you learn about sexually transmitted infections. With over 120 private testing clinics across the UK, we will have a clinic near you. Please call the number above, where we have a professional and friendly team ready to assist.

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