Kissing can be a very intimate way of showing your loved ones you care about them. Whether two people are romantically puckered up, or you are simply greeting an old friend with a kiss on the cheek, a kiss tends to be a symbol of love and admiration.

With international kissing day on July 6, it is important to celebrate the day with those you care about. However, there are a few things you should consider before giving your friends and family a big, carefree smooch. Here, we will be discussing the possible repercussions of kissing and how you can deal with them.

Viruses That Can Spread From Kissing

Viruses can be spread through contact, droplets, or they can even be airborne. Some of the most common viruses that are transmitted through kissing include covid 19, colds, herpes, hepatitis B, and warts. These viruses can be harmful to your overall health. Herpes, in particular, is an incurable disease.

Herpes can be passed on through kissing
Kissing can pass on infections like Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) and Covid-19

Herpes is a recurring virus that generally results in facial sores and blisters. HSV-1 is spread through contact with bodily fluids, which occurs during kissing. Although it may seem harmless to kiss a relative as a child, there is still a possibility of spreading herpes.

Symptoms of Herpes

Herpes-type 1 is one of the most common viruses that spread through kissing. Several billion people around the world have oral herpes. HSV-1 can be spotted through visible symptoms, and it more commonly shows symptoms than genital herpes.

Symptoms of HSV-1 include:

  • Sores/blisters around the lips or inside the mouth
  • Headaches
  • Fevers

Oral herpes tends to be recurring, and there are specific triggers that can worsen symptoms. These triggers include stress, menstruation, and recent colds/ illnesses.

How to Treat Herpes

While there is no cure for oral herpes, there are medicines that can soothe or shorten outbreaks. You should keep the infected area clean and take antiviral medication. You can also apply a topical ointment to help the sores heal faster. Talk with a doctor to see the best treatment for you.

Alternatives to Kissing

It can be tempting to give your friends and family a big kiss for international kissing day. However, it is best to resist these temptations and try to be selective about who you kiss. This will help minimize your risk of contracting HSV-1.

Safer kissing can help to avoid viruses

Other ways to show affection to your loved ones include hugging, high-fives, or simply telling them you love them. Try to be affectionate without putting yourself or others at risk of HSV-1.

Herpes Testing

Some people who have herpes will have symptoms, but many will go their entire life with little to no symptoms. So the only sure way to know whether or not you have herpes is to get tested. At better2know, you can ease your worries by getting an instant herpes test. These tests can come in the form of blood tests, swab tests, or urine tests. You will get your results in just 10 minutes of taking your herpes test. Book an appointment today for a quick and easy HSV-1 test!

Better2know also offers at-home testing kits for those with busy schedules. These self-administered kits allow you to take the tests in the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is order the kits online, receive them in the mail, provide the sample, ship them back, and receive your results. It’s that easy! 


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