There are several treatments as well as tips for those that have herpes outbreaks. Doctors may prescribe painkillers to help reduce the pain caused by the blisters or when urinating. There are ointments that can be purchased at pharmacies that can help to reduce itching and pain. The downsides to these ointments are that some find that they have an allergic reaction to them and they may make things worse. It may be wise to test a natural area of the skin prior to applying to blisters. Sometimes icing down the area with an ice pack (or ice wrapped in a towel) may help to sooth the pain. You should not place ice directly on the affected areas.

Drinking plenty of water can help problems during urination. Avoid the use of harsh soaps or bubble baths and clean the area with a soft cloth and warm water, and gently pat dry. Some have found that drying with a hairdryer (on its lowest setting) is more comforting than using a towel. Once an episode has cleared up, it is suggested to use a lubricant as sexual activity can cause a reoccurrence.

The use of antiviral medication may be necessary in some cases. These medications do not eradicate the virus for the body, as once you are infected you will always be a carrier. What the medication does do is stop the virus from growing and can help to keep outbreaks under control. There are several antiviral medications on the market such as Aciclovir, Famciclovir, and Valaciclovir. These medications are most helpful to those experiencing their first outbreak of symptoms as they reduce the length of time as well as the severity experienced. Normally a five day regimen is prescribed; however, if symptoms are persistent you may be on the medication longer.

As far as reoccurrences are concerned, medication may not be necessary for treatment. The reasoning behind this is that sequential outbreaks are not as harsh as the initial outbreak and only last about three days. Should this not be the case for an individual, antiviral medications are prescribed.

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