Students in Hull lead the way on sexual health awareness around campus, and a recent survey has declared them amongst the least promiscuous in the country. Since the start of their courses, University of Hull students have had an average of 3.32 sexual partners. But even with a lower number of partners than many universities, being aware of your sexual health is still important. How have Hull kept its student safer and more informed?

The University of Hull has recently started running monthly sexual health advice days at the unions, in which over 5,000 condoms have been distributed, along with Chlamydia tests and sexual health advice. Vice-president of welfare, Kora-Lee Holmes, explained that while they used to have a sexual health week, they realised that something more regular was needed.

“Letting students know about the precautions they should be taking is not something we want people to forget. I think it is now at the forefront of their minds. The events have been a huge success and the figures show that the message is getting across to plenty of people.”

Allowing students to have open and comfortable conversations about their sex life is a very important part of the service, Kora-Lee believes: “There can be a stigma around sexual health but we get the students when they come into the university and they are more aware of what services are available to them.”

The proactive stance that the University of Hull has made is extremely positive, and Better2Know agree that the more informed you are about sexual health the better. Keep up the good work, Hull!

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